So much to do, so little time.


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Alex & Kiele Pace


Gorgeous stone head planters.

While sipping coffee and browsing one of the many design blogs that appeal to me this morning, I came across these gorgeous planters, which have the look of architectural relics:

With bust heads from Stoneface Creations, and foliage from Costa Farms, these gorgeous planters are just the right touch of whimsical and elegant. Can’t wait to add one to our garden.

We’ll give her a gorgeous bouffant and call her Clara.


Our Project Home

Our family lives in what I sometimes facetiously affectionately refer to as our project home, meaning that it’s an older house in need of renovation, which is ongoing.

We bought a HUD home, which was a smart move because we needed more space for our family but were scrunting and saving to build my law practice, so we couldn’t afford a traditional mortgage. Alex and I are also comfortable doing a lot of work ourselves, which saved us a lot of money.

The house was in pretty bad shape and required a lot of repairs just to make it habitable. We handled those ourselves, replacing toilets, some flooring, and sheetrock; repairing faucets and plumbing; and redoing wiring. Thankfully, we were able to roll the most expensive renovations, such as exterior siding and a new roof, into the mortgage and have it done professionally. So the house was habitable and the exterior renovations were complete within the first six months. But we decided to defer the remaining work, such as landscaping and cosmetic renovations to the interior, until we’d recovered from the initial outlay, then tackle it as time and money permitted.

Despite its flaws, we love our home and buying it was a wonderful decision for our family. But I occasionally lose sight of these truths as times goes by and life keeps us so busy that many interior renovations have to stay on a back burner. When that happens, spending a little time dreaming about planning our next projects usually gets me back to a happier place.

The projects currently on my mind relate to the upstairs bathrooms, which need a lot of attention:

Both bathrooms need the typical updates: scraping ceiling popcorn, re-texturing the walls, painting, and updating the fixtures. As you can see in the above photo on the left, we recently started painting the boys’ bathroom, which is destined to be a lovely spring green. We also have some reclaimed granite that Alex plans to use for the countertops.

Both bathrooms have awful plastic bathtubs that are on our hit list. We’d like to replace the boys’ bathtub with an ordinary, good quality tub. While we’re at it, we’ll redo the tile surround with marble and take it all the way up to the ceiling. We did this in another property that we own (a story for another day) and it turned out really well.

Our plans for the master bathroom are more ambitious. In addition to scraping the ceiling, painting, and replacing the fixtures, we’re leaning toward removing the tub entirely and building a shower with natural stone tile and glass walls that go up to the ceiling. Perhaps something along the lines of this gorgeous shower featured at The Pink Pagoda:

There are two other issues we’d eventually like to address in the master bathroom. First, the shower and toilet are in a separate tiny room that’s further cramped by the door, which opens into the small space. Removing the door would probably help with that but would be problematic unless we enclose the shower. Cold air would not improve the experience.

Finally, the bathroom sink area is open to the bedroom, which we’re not crazy about. We’re thinking of eventually closing the bathroom off from the rest of the bedroom with a double frosted glass door between the two. Something like this set of doors from might be nice:

Double Doors

I don’t doubt that we’ll get to these projects eventually but there’s no telling when. To keep things balanced, I think I’ll focus on some of the improvements we’ve already made next.

New Wishlists

Kaboodle has been our family’s wishlist repository for several years but it failed us this holiday season in two important ways.

First, it’s gotten really boggy lately, which made updating and browsing the lists a frustrating experience.

Second, Kaboodle has never had an intuitive interface for reserving items, which resulted in several duplicate gifts this year. Returns and exchanges are a pet peeve of mine, especially right after Christmas, when the customer service lines are working overtime.

So, we’re moving to and hoping it’s better suited to our needs. We’ll see how it goes.


Attractive Laundry Baskets

Our laundry spends so much time waiting to be folded and put away that the ugly white plastic baskets we were using became a permanent part of the decor, which was NOT a state of affairs that pleased us. And by “us,” I mean me. 😉

So, Alex and I launched a campaign to find a solution and ultimately found these gorgeous and generously sized wire harvest baskets:
Cabo Harbest Basket

The Cabo Harvest Basket can be purchased individually at retail sites like The Organizing Store, or wholesale in sets of four at AsFar Wholesale. We’ve been using them for several weeks and couldn’t be happier. They’re functionally appropriate and make an attractive addition to the landscape of our lives.


12/20/15. I updated this post to fix broken links. It’s been a full year and we still love the baskets. ~KP